The majority of this work is part of the independent project Memory Mapping Through the Art of Architecture. An in-depth look into this project can be seen on its accompanying blog:


Architecture occupies almost all human inhabited spaces. Buildings can reveal culture, wealth, class, history, and so much more. Architecture has become integral to the human experience and a fascination with certain forms of architecture has catapulted this body of work.  Houses and buildings, as objects, are simply meaningless vessels absent of life. Considering the cliché, “a house is not a home” until inhabited, houses and other types of buildings become containers for human life. I am exploring this connection we have to buildings through the process of drawing. By drawing the exteriors of houses, I am engaging with the buildings using memory and processes of looking, two things that are vital to drawing. Through the act of drawing I am reducing the three-dimensional buildings to a combination of lines, lines that reflect how I visualized the building and that record my memory of that moment. As such, these drawings are a human experience of architecture and a visualization of the buildings that make up my hometowns. Ultimately, through the context of buildings, I am exploring how humans find, seek, and assign meaning to things.


A Look Inside the Sketchbook